- Marinette correctly deduces what went wrong in Oniichan. She comforts Kagami, warning her that Lila is a liar and must have stolen her number to make her jealous. The fireman also reported what the liar did because Marinette doubted her leg was really injured. After Oni Chan, seeing how Adrien is still friendly to Lila rubs Marinette the .... Apr 13, 2020 · With the tides against them and Marinette no longer being able to look at her partner in the face, can our superhero duo win this battle? Warnings for R*pe/N*n-c*n. posted 2 years ago on 13/4/2020 - 14 notes. Lila walked into the classroom, 2 minutes late but late enough so all eyes were on her. Her left eye was blue and streaks of mascara went down her face. Marinette almost felt bad. Almost. The room was tense and everyone held their breath. The only sound was Lila’s crying, and she quickly sat down.. Jan 26, 2021 · Lila steals a Miraculous from Ladybug but she is not compatible with it and can't control the power. She cuts off all connections with her friends, all except one. Marinette Dupain-Cheng's Spite Playlist is a Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction. 1 year ago, ; 3,206 notes Miraculous Ladybug Miraculous Ladybug AU Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction fanfiction fanfic ml salt mlb Miraculous Ladybug & Chat .... . Chris' eyes roamed her body and Marinette swore she had never felt so violated in her life, even when fighting a villain. She made a fist with her other hand and was ready to punch him in the face. She was about to raise her fist when somebody put their hand on Chris' shoulder. Marinette turned to see Adrien and Nino there, looking not that happy. Adrien removed his shirt and handed it to Marinette "Keep this safe"He then walked towards Lila and punch her right in the face "YOU FUCKING BITCH, YOU TRIED TO GET MY PRINCESS AKUMATIZED"Lila froze in spot as Adrien pounce on her yelling in her face "You tried to get Marinette akumatized, I'll threw you in prison because I am Adrien Agreste". ifyoulikethisthenthankyou 5015 stories for catchmeifyoucan, idk, ifyou, ifyoudontknow, ifyousquint, random, readifyoudare, readifyouwant, The best collection of stories. Screamed a young lady from the opposite side of the secretary building that Lila cornered Marinette in. Marinette opened her eyes to see Chloe immediately (without hesitation), punch Lila in the face sending the liar crashing on the ground. "Serves you right!" Chloé yelled. The friend raced to Marinette to see her in worse condition. Class protective to marinette from Lila. I remember that I read this fanfic way before english season 3 pt 2 release, where Lila was almost make it to switch classmates against Marinette with lies but nobody believe her badly. So Lila's lies spread over Paris that Lila's mother found out.. Like how some lies could harm Lila's mother record for .... Fanfic /. The Wolves In The Woods Miraculous Ladybug. Lila won. Thanks to her tall tales, Alya and most of Marinette's former friends turned upon her, convinced that she was the Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. All she wanted was to get away from that harassment... but Miss Bustier refused to let her slip away quietly, and alerted the class to her .... AO3 Fic Recs - The Trickster Marinette is not enthused about Alya, Lila, and most of her class. Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction/Recommendation Thread starter GeneralScrage; Start date Aug 2, ... an idiot and an enabler to Lila that was happy with Lila making Marinette's life hell (the class got hit hard too).. Enjoy! #annabeth #frank #hazel #jason #katie #leo #percy #persassy #piper #stolls #truthordare ; Percy jackson lemon fanfiction truth or dare -- And demand the keys to the Federal Reserve are yet to be The Donald is known In the The Lightning Thief, she is portrayed by Melina Kanakaredes Humorous one-shot, based on the song Stacy's Mom Humorous. Enjoy! #annabeth #frank #hazel #jason #katie #leo #percy #persassy #piper #stolls #truthordare ; Percy jackson lemon fanfiction truth or dare -- And demand the keys to the Federal Reserve are yet to be The Donald is known In the The Lightning Thief, she is portrayed by Melina Kanakaredes Humorous one-shot, based on the song Stacy's Mom Humorous. Only Marinette and Chloe ignored Lila as she embellished her tragically untrue tale with new details such as Gabriel putting his hand on her thigh and massaging her shoulder while comparing her to his long lost wife (it took all of Adrien's restraint and etiquette lessons to not punch Lila in the face right there and then). The rest of his classmates all looked horrified and sympathetic as Alya rubbed soothing circles on Lila's back and Rose clutched Lila's free hand.. "/> Marinette punches lila fanfiction
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